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Student Testimonials

Veronica Pistek

With Monica and Miguel’s passion for mentoring students for incredible future experiences, I aspire to continue building my skills as a young global leader within SCIP. Ultimately, I strive to cherish the opportunities granted through SCIP to inspire others to become young leaders and entrepreneurs themselves.

Ruben Garcia Cardenas

I came to know SCIP through an associated individual and quickly grew learned about their mission, as well as the befriended the students that they select and groom to become the next leaders of the corporate world. The way that Monica and Miguel consistently communicate with these individuals, guide them, and act as role models. They make their organization feel like a big family that supports everyone’s endeavors and passions.

Alyssa Romero

 I can honestly say that SCIP has helped me get to where I am today because of the incredible students that I have met and worked with during our events. I am truly proud to be able to represent SCIP and the family that it has created.

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