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Training the Next Generation of Leaders

SCIP is dedicated to the academic, professional and personal advancement of its students. Success to the organization is not simply reflected in GPA or salary; it is also measured by interpersonal skills, leadership and servitude to the community. 

What to expect of SCIP

As a Young Leader, you can:

  • Expect to be challenged and pushed by your team leaders, peers and most importantly, yourselves.

  • Learn and observe significant growth within your peers and yourself

  • Look forward to being mentored by some of the more prominent business leaders in America

  • Be exposed to the SCIP experience to bring out the best in each and every one of you, and vice versa!

2018 SCIP Summer Leadership Application

What SCIP expects of its Young Leaders
  • SCIP expects its young leaders to be punctual for normal work days, as well as for important SCIP events and site visits.

  • SCIP seeks its young leaders to be courteous and respect themselves, their peers, their team leaders, the Mancebos and all guests SCIP has.

  • SCIP wants its young leaders to be motivated and productive, each and every work day.

  • SCIP looks for its young leaders to be creative, driven and above all, enhance the SCIP experience for future generations.

Who is eligible to join SCIP?

Most SCIP programs are geared towards highly motivated, goal-oriented college and high-school students enrolled in the New York and New Jersey public school systems. SCIP also recently developed the C-SCIP program to provide college students with the opportunity to prepare themselves for life after college. Our students have demonstrated academic success, with a minimum GPA of 3.0 (or an 85% average).

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