SCIP Holds a Robust Panel Discussion with Representatives from Corporate America

By: Michael Pinto

On Thursday, November 12th, the Selective Corporate Internship Program (SCIP) held an informative discussion with key leaders in various industries in their first “Changing the World Through the Power of Empowerment” panel series. This was a part of the organization’s inspiring year-long “Voices of Hope” initiative. The goal of this event was to provide young professionals and college students with the necessary information to succeed in today’s corporate world, while also allowing the chance to re-engage SCIP with the business world.

Among the many esteemed panelists on this discussion included leaders from Deloitte, AIG, Accenture, Prudential, Johnson Controls International, Sommelier Finance, and CFGI. Five of these panelists were also SCIP alums. These distinguished leaders fielded questions from some of SCIP’s key fellows, on the topics of job interview prep, the pandemic’s impact on their respective companies, and their feelings on how social media affects prospective candidates applying for entry-level roles.

The discussion opened up with stirring introductions from the CEO, President/Co-Founders of SCIP, Monica & Miguel Mancebo. Key SCIP fellows, Michael Pinto, Michael Crescente, and Manasvi Saluja, helped to co-moderate the event as well. Following this, the panelists took a little time to speak about their backgrounds, what they currently were doing in their professional lives and the different ways that SCIP left a profound impact on their lives and career aspirations.

After the introductions were completed, SCIP’s fellows began their line of questioning for the panelists. The first set of questions were centered around how to properly prepare for virtual interviews and what a candidate should be expected to wear and ask when speaking with recruiters and hiring managers. This segment proved to be very robust and fostered a lot of great discussion between the panelists and the audience in attendance. Following this, questions on how to properly utilize social media and prepare for a virtual workforce were posed to our panelists. Their intellect proved to be incredibly significant, and many of the young leaders on the call walked away with new insight on how to approach the current workforce.

As the panel event concluded, both panelists and audience members alike shared the most important piece of information as they learned after hearing everyone speak. Some key takeaways included how connected everyone can still be, despite being separated by physical barriers. There was also discussion on how to effectively align positive thinking with desired outcomes. During this discussion, the CEO of SCIP, cited the book, “The Secret”, by Rhonda Byrne as an effective and useful tool to help accomplish this goal. The event truly spoke to the power of resilience in crisis times, and the various ways we can lean on each other, and give back to our community. This is a message that will surely not be short-lived at SCIP, since the award-winning organization plans on continuing their “Voices of Hope” series over the course of the next year, which is set to include future enlightening and inspiring panels and summits, including a symposium forum set to take place in December. Stay tuned for more information for our next event, and we hope to see you soon!

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