SCIP Takes on Washington DC

On Wednesday, August 3rd, the young leaders of SCIP visited the capital of the United States of America! Although the early meetup time was not their most favorite thing, the trip turned out to be a huge success! At 6:00AM, the young leaders met outside the UFT Building in the financial district, who sponsored the entire trip. Thank you UFT, we greatly appreciate your generous contribution to our program! A great, white Accord coach bus pulled up, and the young leaders filled up the bus with breakfasts and lunches, which were graciously provided by the UFT, and then the young leaders embarked on their trip to Washington D.C! The four-hour ride consisted of Snapchats, Instagrams, A Capella sessions, reading of Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban, and sleep! Once the young leaders arrived, they first visited the Lincoln Memorial graced by views of the Washington Monument. The grand statue of Abraham Lincoln was adorned with his famous speech on either side of him on the walls. Like other stops on the trip, the SCIP family, as Miguel Mancebo calls the group, took a group picture in front of Honest Abe.

Next, the young leaders visited the Korean War Veterans and Vietnam War Veterans Memorials, and were captivated by the stones and the amount of names on the stone walls. It was the most melancholic part of the trip, but it was nice to see people honored for their devotion to the safety of the United States of America.

The Martin Luther King Jr. memorial was next! The huge statue erected out of stone was breathtaking and the young leaders were reminded of his achievements through the various quotes of his written on the walls. The statue was grand and was true to Martin Luther King Jr.

Next came the museums. The opportunity to visit two museums was really awesome and the young leaders really enjoyed both museums. The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum was really cool and exhibited planes of the past, astronomy exhibits, and future space predictions. The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History featured cool geological exhibits, and facts about the development of humans over time through evolution.

Tired and exhausted from such a fun-filled day, the young leaders got back on the bus and started their commute back to the UFT building. The bus driver showed the young leaders a treat: the White House!!! Seeing it in person is definitely different that on Google or television. The building is snow white and super cool! The bus ride back home was characterized by a SCIP family a capella session and snores. Delighted from such a wonderful day, the young leaders arrived to the UFT building and went home.

The SCIP team would once again like to extend their greatest gratitude to the UFT for generously sponsoring their trip! We would not have had such an amazing trip if it were not for your gracious donation and interest in the SCIP program. Thank you so much!!!!!

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