Tips and Tricks for Acing Your Interview

As high-school students, we are neophytes to the adult working world. A major component of attaining a job offer, besides the resume, is the interview. Although you may feel alone, everyone experiences the wobbly-knee feeling right before their first interview. I am here to help you overcome the daunting obstacle of acing your interview.

Having gone through several interviews, including one to get into SCIP 2016, I have dealt with my fair-share of wobbly knees and butterflies in my stomach. Here are some tips and tricks to prepare you for your interview:

1) Be Prepared! This pretty much goes without saying. You must come prepared. It is a good idea to come with several copies of your resume just in case. Some jobs will require you to submit your resume online, but you should still bring a few copies just in case a printer fails.

2) Know Your Stuff! Research the company. Know the current events surrounding the company. Research the interview questions online because everything, and I mean everything, can be found online. With this knowledge at hand, you will be prepared for the questions that will come your way and you will not be left speechless when asked a certain question.

3) Know Yourself! Practice answering common questions such as Tell me about Yourself? You must be able to present yourself to an interviewer. You have to be able to talk about yourself and your accomplishments without relying on your resume. Your resume will not speak for you even though it has everything about you written on it. Keep in mind that the interviewer has read through your resume before so don't talk about fake stories, accomplishments, etc Tell me about yourself is a question that should be answered by stating your name, why you want to work at the company you are interviewing at, and how your qualities would be good for the job. This is your moment to shine and show your interviewer why you are a good fit for this job.

4) Review your Resume! MULTIPLE TIMES! (many interview questions are based on your resume)

- Recite your interview answers in front of mirror (to make sure you don't use too may hand gestures)

-There is an unwritten rule in doing interviews. At the end always ask a question. This shows your interest in the company.(Prepare a question to ask)

- Do research on the company. Find out who is CEO and CFO . Learn the company values and about recent significant news concerning the company. For example if a company released its quarterly earnings you should mention it. It shows your interest and eagerness to learn.

5) Your demeanor/behavior

-Be confident in the image you present

- Always smile and be exuberant when speaking (shows that you are an interesting and fun person)

- make eye contact with interviewer

- have a firm handshake

-keep a positive and friendly attitude

- thank the interviewer for their time

- keep all mobile devices and electronics turned off

6) Be Hygienic !!

- make sure to take a shower the night/morning prior to your interview

- Brush your teeth

-Wash your face in the morning to look fresh

- A nice cologne will do to complement your professional killer attire

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