Juggling with Jen Slaw


With quite a massive suitcase in hand, Jen Slaw captivated the whole room before she revealed her brightly-colored juggling balls. The young leaders were instantly enticed to see these peculiar objects, used to flash drives and corporate presentations. Following a brief introduction, Jen Slaw took out her juggling balls. The young leaders were divided into groups and were told to perform a series of exercises to augment their juggling skills. Frustration and giggles permeated the room until the leaders were called back to the conference table. Jen Slaw's presentation made a direct correlation between juggling and life, using juggling as a metaphor for life itself. Little did the young leaders know, that there is a more profound message behind juggling colorful balls. Slaw proved that juggling teaches invaluable lessons of persistence, concentration, and multi-tasking. Jen also mentioned that recent research identified that juggling boosts long term memory capability, cognitive understanding, and hand-eye coordination. One of the more lighthearted presenters to speak to the young leaders, Jen Slaw definitely made sure that her message came across strong and influential. Juggling showed the young leaders that even in a life filled with responsibility and intense moments, the young leaders must take time to relax and have fun. Thanks Jen Slaw, we definitely had a BALL with you!! We cannot wait to juggle with you again!

Check out Jen Slaw's website for more information: http://www.jenslawspeaks.com

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