SCIP Alumni Visit

SCIP alumni, Dean Wallace and Phillip Volcy, paid a visit to the Times Square Microsoft building on Monday, July 18th to share their insight and advice to rising SCIP members. They provided their expertise on topics such as networking, necessary skill sets relevant to the business world, and proper workplace etiquette. Additionally, the alumni gave their retrospect on SCIP's influence on their careers. Here is what they had to say:

Pictured here is Dean Wallace, a student at Virginia Union University.

Question 1: What was the most valuable lesson you learned at SCIP?

Dean: You have to maintain proper etiquette, and dress professionally. It is vital for first impressions.

Phillip: Always dress for the position you want, not the position you have.

Question 2: What was your favorite moment during SCIP?

Dean: The wine tasting gala, auctioning art pieces, and visiting the New York Times and Colgate buildings.

Phillip: The wine tasting event because it gave me the chance to meet many high-level executives for the first time. Some of them were in the field in which I wanted to pursue a career in. This inspired me to do more and work harder towards building my career.

Pictured here is Phillip Volcy, also a student at Virginia Union University

Question 3: What is your advice for young leaders?

Dean: Take notes during speaker presentations, build relationships through networking, and harness your skills. "You have two ears and one mouth for a reason."

Phillip: Take advantage of the opportunity being given not many people can say that they had the chance to have an internship of this caliber at the high school level. Take notes, pay close attention, and grab as many business cards as you can.

Question 4: How has SCIP helped you with your career?

Dean: It streamlined me into corporate America. It put me in front of leaders working in Fortune 500 companies. It was an environment where you have to network and build upon foundational skills. The Mancebos pointed me in the right direction. "I established my position by listening to Miguel and Monica Mancebo."

Phillip: SCIP gave me the necessary tools to help me progress in my field by introducing me to many high-level executives in my field of study.

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