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SCIP Summer Executive Leadership Teams

Here is more in-depth information about the five teams that are in SCIP. The information provides what each SCIP teams does and how young leaders in the teams are benefited, as well as information about how an individual's strength fits the criteria for the team that they are best fitted in. 


The website and app teams are responsible for handling and managing SCIP’s website. They are responsible for updating, deleting, and adding any new information that goes up on the website. For example, fixing and adding links to SCIP’s social media accounts aswell as adding new pages showcasing the new young leaders that come into the program. They are responsible for any IT related problems while attending the program. Say that the projector is not working for some reason, any member of the website team can come up and fix the issue.


The fundraising team is pledged with handling the financial aspects of the program. Whenever SCIP plans an event, they handle the main logistics of the event and also the budget. They are also tasked with finding possible sponsors for SCIP to add to the large amount of sponsors of the program. The young leaders who are in this team are chosen through their good persuasive skills and financial management.



The design team specializes in SCIP’s aesthetics. Creative artists here are able to express SCIP’s posters and designs in attractive forms in order to develop a sense of appealing advertisement. Here members will pair up with other teams in case one team is in need of a meticulous image to project their work and design it. Team members will also, as aforementioned, depict SCIP events.


DSC02524 (1).JPG

The media team handles all the social aspects of the program. They manage all the social media accounts of SCIP including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They can add any new social media accounts that they believe will help SCIP gain more recognition. With these accounts, members must constantly update the photos and status updates so that it will stay up to date with what SCIP is currently doing.



The journal team makes up SCIP’s literacy. Members have high comprehensive skills which they convey their creative writing skills which SCIP encourages. Our journal team is in charge of writing down interesting stories, testimonies, newsletters and articles consisting about SCIP’s interactions with students and sponsors.

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