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SCIP Executive Leadership Program
SCIP Executive Leadership Program

SCIP’s Executive Summer Leadership Program prepares students for success in a professional corporate setting.

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SCIP for College and MBA students
SCIP for College and MBA students

SCIP prepares diverse undergraduate, graduate, and MBA students for Corporate America through career development training and mentorship.

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Our Programs

SCIP has built on its legacy High School Program (H-SCIP) to create a continuum through its College Programs (C-SCIP). Interns are exposed to global business leaders, trained in corpo-rate communications and coached in professional decorum. These activities take place during the school year and during the Summer Executive Leadership Program. SCIP also provides mentors who help the students develop a strong work ethic, and enables them to iden-tify and take advantage of future opportunities for their Dollege and post-college goals. Throughout the year, SCIP holds business and educational summits and caSeer expos in which our corporate partners attend to recruiting prospective employees. SCIP is known for fostering excellence for the next generation of leaders through its trademarked tag line “Enlighten, Employ and Empower!”

SCIP College Programs

College students from the New York metropolitan area, regardless of where they attend college, are eligible to benefit from SCIP’s leadership programs, designed to prepare students for a successful life after college. Students interested in SCIP’s college programs do not have to be alumni of its high school Executive Leadership Program to participate.


SCIP’s programs for college students feature effective workshops that run throughout the year to help students with their post-graduation career plans. They cover a wide range of topics, including but not limited to the following:


  • Career exploration

  • Resume preparation

  • Interview techniques

  • Networking

  • Financial literacy

  • Interpersonal communications for the workplace

  • Productive use of social media


Maintaining a strong working relationship with the City University of New York (CUNY), SCIP also helps college students line up internships and part-time employment.


Another vehicle designed to help launch college students’ careers in business is SCIP’s annual Business-Partnership Summit and Career Exposition.

SCIP Summer Executive Leadership Program

The business leadership training that SCIP offers to promising high school students in the New York metropolitan area begins with the fast track Executive Leadership Program, held for seven weeks during the summer, from Mondays to Thursdays.

2018 SCIP Summer Leadership Application

Executive Summer Leadership "Week In Reviews"

Who is eligible for the SCIP Executive Leadership Program?

Highly motivated high school students from economically disadvantaged and ethnically diverse backgrounds, who are entering 9th through 11th grades, may apply here.

What does the SCIP Executive Leadership Program offer?
  • Workshops that sharpen writing and presentation skills and develop computer literacy.

  • Team building and leadership development projects.

  • Seminars on how to prepare a resume, complete job and college applications, and interview effectively.

  • Interaction with executives from leading companies and organizations.

  • Participation in STEM education workshops and seminars.

  • Access to job opportunities.

  • Visits to corporate offices and cultural and academic institutions.

  • Golf and tennis instruction.

SCIP Fellows Program

Graduates in good standing of the Executive Leadership Program can enter the SCIP Fellows Program, which continues throughout the high school year following completion of the summer program.

What does the SCIP Fellows Program offer?
  • After-school, team-based learning in support of SCIP’s mission.

  • Event planning experience working on SCIP’s college fairs, career expositions, and annual black tie fundraiser.

  • Fundraising training, including developing written and verbal communication skills to cultivate sponsors and prepare program books and other promotional materials.

  • Recruitment experience attracting other underserved students to SCIP programs.

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