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High School SCIP Membership

Why Join SCIP?
SCIP offers an unparalleled opportunity to:
  • Gain the confidence, knowledge, and skills to be a global young leader.

  • Receive guidance on the college application process and interact with college recruiters and admissions counselors.

  • Tour corporations and explore career paths.

  • Prepare for professional work environments through trainings and projects.

  • Attend by-invite only conferences, workshops, and more.

High School SCIP (H-SCIP) Impact

The H-SCIP program works alongside corporate partners, focusing on Business and STEM, to provide students insight into future career paths. Through this exposure, SCIP Young Leaders are able to better identify potential majors that may lead to career opportunities of their choice. As a result, students then see college as a critical rite of passage to achieve their long term career aspirations.


For many of our Young Leaders, college was not an option they had considered before enrolling into SCIP and over 92 percent of our students not only choose to pursue a higher education, but are able to attend their first choice of college


As a member you will have access to SCIP's exclusive Annual events:

  1. Annual “Owning Your Brilliance” STEM Summit & College Exposition 

  2. Annual Executive Summer Leadership Program 

  3. Annual Fellows Leadership Program

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