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Spring 2016

Our Featured Supporter & Partner

Our Next Featured Supporter & Partner will be announced at the April 19th, 2016 Gala Event. 

April, 2014

Archive: Past Featured Supporters & Partners

An Interview with: Maximo Muniz

By: Ravin Harduarsingh

Mark Szollar presenting at SCIP's ......

What does supporting SCIP mean to you?

"When I found out about SCIP and when I met some of these young adults, I immediately felt a responsibility to want to help the organization because I saw the good that it was doing. Fortunately for me being with New York Life for 36 years I've established some great relationships within the company and I had no problem in going to my contacts within the company to ask for their help. And as a result of that our company graciously agreed to provide a location, including the computer lab for the SCIP summer program, within our corporate headquarters. That didn't happen by accident. "


How is SCIP developing our next generation of leaders?

"I grew up with this company and I learned how to become a professional. I learned how to speak properly in a business setting. I learned how to dress properly. I was far from being college, I was pretty rough around the edges. What New York Life has helped me do was to develop inter-professional skills and what SCIP does is that it really helps young adults learn that process a lot earlier which positions them well for interviewing for either college and/or entering the business world. Who knows what more I could've accomplished had I had the opportunity to go through a program like SCIP.


SCIP opens doors, it puts you on a level playing field. If you take what they teach you and you apply it I think it puts you on a level playing field with others who are more advantaged."

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